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Thursday, October 19

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7:00 a.m. – 8:00 a.m.


8:00 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.

Opening Ceremonies

8:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.

  lecture theater

Dr. Réka Gustafson
A Population Health Approach to the Unregulated Drug Poisoning Crisis

9:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.


10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Track 1


Addiction Care in Correctional Settings

Creating a New Inpatient Addiction Medicine Service

Track 2

  Lecture Theater

Debating Involuntary Treatment

Psychedelics in the Treatment of Addictive Disorders: The Good, The Bad and The Unknown

Track 3

SAlon C

Fentanyl Patch for Opioid Use Disorder: Client, Nurse, Pharmacist, and Prescriber Perspectives

Buprenorphine Interventions in a Pediatric and Young Adult Population
Track 4


Stimulant Use Disorder

Cannabis Use Disorder

12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.



Where Do We Go from Here? Identifying Profiles in Recovery from Opioid Use Disorder

Hosted by Indivior Canada Ltd.

12:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

ColWood & Sidney

Poster Session

2:00 p.m. – 2:15 p.m.


2:15 p.m. – 4:15 p.m.

Track 1

oak bay

Stories of Lived Experience: Patient Perspectives on Providing Compassionate Care

Track 2

  Lecture Theater

Navigating a Landscape of Challenges and Opportunities: CCSA’s Plans for Collaboration in a time of Polarization

New findings on Virtual Harm Reduction Acceptability, Safety, and Efficacy

Track 3

salon c

Pharmacists in Addiction Medicine

Medical Assistance in Dying and Substance Use Disorders: A Framework for Assessment

Track 4


Safer Supply & Harm Reduction

2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Kelsey/Saskatchewan Room

Track 3
Recognizing and Responding to Intimate Partner Violence in Clinical Encounters

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3:15 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.


3:30 p.m. – 4:45 p.m.

Track 1

Terrace Lounge

A History of Psychadelic Research in Canada

Track 2

William Pascoe Room

OAT Series 2: New Ideas and Thought Leadership

4:45 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.


5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Track 1
Track 2

William Pascoe Room

Stories of Lived Experience: a Trainee-Guided Discussion

Track 3

Terrace Lounge

Psychedelics in the Treatment of Addiction: A Panel Discussion of the Good, the Bad and the Unknown

4:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Welcome Reception

7:00 p.m.

Surviving Addiction: Interview Series Premiere
with Creator Chris Cull

A Population Health Approach to the Unregulated Drug Poisoning Crisis

More than seven years after the declaration of a public health emergency due to unregulated drug poisonings, deaths continue to rise, with mortality more than twice that in April 2016. In British Columbia, unregulated drug poisonings are the leading cause of deaths among young adults aged 19-39, and the second highest cause of deaths among children under 19 and adults aged 40-59. Unlike other leading causes of morbidity and mortality such as cancer, there is still an absence of a population health approach that includes a comprehensive system of care as well as population level interventions that address the determinants of the crisis. In this presentation, we will discuss the epidemiology of toxic drug poisonings in British Columbia, and a population health approach that proposes to address the issue with interventions that are commensurate with the scale of the crisis.

Addiction Care in Correctional Settings

Annabel Mead, MBBS
Nathaniel Day, MD

Creating a New Inpatient Addiction Medicine Service

David R. Martell, MD, CCFP (AM), FCFP, CISAM, CCSAM

Debating Involuntary Treatment

Nicole Bootsman, BSc(Hons), BSP
Robert Tanguay, BSc(Hons), MD, FRCPC, CISAM, CCSAM
Jean-Paul Michael

Psychedelics in the Treatment of Addictive Disorders: The Good, The Bad and The Unknown

Increasingly researchers, clinicians and the general public have become interested in the potential role of novel agents such as psychedelics in the treatment of refractory mental health and addictive disorders. Although the use of psychedelics would seem to be in its infancy, scientific interest in these compounds goes back decades, and their use in cultural practices dates back thousands of years. This panel discussion will outline a synopsis of the current state of the field, looking specifically at potential benefits and potential risks/concerns as well as acknowledge what we simply do not know. The initial presentation will cover potential therapeutic benefits specific to the treatment of addiction, the second portion will address potential risk/concerns in general for these compounds, and finally the moderator will ensure that there is ample time will be prioritized for audience questions and perspectives, as we wish this session to be highly interactive.

Dr. Robert L. Tanguay, BSc (Hons), MD, FRCPC, CISAM, CCSAM
Dr. Nicolas Garel, MD, CSPQ, FRCPC
Dr. Ronald Fraser, MD, CSPQ, FRCPC

Fentanyl Patch for Opioid Use Disorder Workshop: Client, Nurse, Pharmacist, and Prescriber Perspectives on Building a Dynamic, Collaborative, and Adaptive Program

Eddie Rooke, MD
Tenton MacGregor
Julie Foreman, RN
Chase Fisher, BPharm

Buprenorphine Interventions in a Pediatric and Young Adult Population

J Stryder ZoBell, MBA, MD, CCFP, ISAM
Hussain Aboud
Lindsey Davis

Presentations on Stimulant Use Disorder

Virtual Group Contingency Management for Stimulant Use: Learnings from a Two-Year Vancouver Island Pilot Program

Anne Crawford, MD, FRCPC

Real-World Implementation of Contingency Management in an Outpatient Addictions Clinic

Tanya Hauck, MD, PhD
Himmat Singh Dhillon, BSc
Stephanie Rochon, RPHT
Basant Kaur Dhillon
Ahmed N. Hassan, MD, MPH
Timothy H. Guimond. MD, PhD

Bupropion for the Treatment of Amphetamine-Type Stimulant Use Disorder: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Placebo-Controlled Randomized Clinical Trials

Hamzah Bakouni, MD, PhD
Heidar Sharafi, PhD
Arash Bahremand, MD, PhD
Sarah Drouin, MSc
Daniela Ziegler
Paxton Bach, MD, MSc
Bernard Le Foll, MD, PhD
Christian G. Schütz, MD, PhD
Vitor Tardelli, MD, MS
Nadine Ezard, MD, PhD
Krista Siefried, PhD
Didier Jutras-Aswad, MD, MSc

Lived Pathways to Opioid, Methamphetamine, and Crack Cocaine Addiction Recovery in Rural Canada

Cheryl Currie, PhD
Mahala Swisterski
Treena Tallow Ba, BSW

Presentations on Cannabis Use Disorder

Canadians Who Want to Quit Cannabis: Comparing Cannabis User Profiles on Cannabis Cessation

Caroline Brunelle, Ph.D.
Amy MacQuarrie, BA

Closing Research Gaps on Cannabis and Mental Health: Findings from a Five-Year Research Granting Initiative

Véronique Joncas (she/her/elle), MSc, PMP
Julia Armstrong
Sandra Gosling, MSW, RSW
Mary Bartram, PhD, RSW

Legalizing A Recreational Drug: Cannabis in Canada as a Case Study

Mike DeVillaer, MASc

Where Do We Go from Here? Identifying Profiles in Recovery from Opioid Use Disorder

In this symposium, speakers will:

  • Discuss trends in abstinence, withdrawal, physical and psychiatric symptoms, as well as quality of life over time in individuals with OUD
  • Examine how different symptom expressions may point towards classification of distinct, and dynamic, recovery profiles
  • Consider the clinical relevance these profiles may have for providers caring for individuals in long term treatment for OUD

Dr. Rob Tanguay, BSc (Hons), MD, FRCPC, CISAM, CCSAM
Chief Medical Officer, The Newly Institute
Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Calgary Departments of Psychiatry and Surgery
Co-Lead, Alberta Pain Strategy, AHS
Founder and Co-Lead, Community RAAM, AHS
Hotchkiss Brain Institute & Mathison Centre for Mental Health

Dr. Allison N. Tegge, PhD
Research Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics, Virginia Tech University

Poster Presentations

Cannabis Substitution for Opioid Use Among People Who Use Unregulated Drugs in Vancouver, Canada

Hudson Reddon, PhD

Initiation and/or re-initiation of drug use among people who use drugs in Vancouver, 2021-2022

Paxton Bach, MSc, MD
Kanna Hayashi, PhD
Jingxin Lei, MSc
Thomas Kerr, PhD
Kora DeBeck, PhD
Anjali Sergeant, BASc, MD

Evaluation of a Community-Based Mobile Withdrawal Management Service

Andrew Lodge, MD, MPH, MSc, MAdEd, LLM
Kelly Surbey, CertHCL, CertAC

A Comparative Study of Nonfatal Overdoses in People With and Without HIV in British Columbia, Canada

Megan Marziali, MPH
Jason Trigg, MA
Monica Ye, MSc
Robert Hogg, CM, PhD, FRSC, FCAHS
Katherine Kooij, MD, PhD

Providers and Stakeholders' Perspectives on How Injectable Opioid Agonist Treatment (iOAT) Care Can be Improved

Elizabeth Matzinger, MPH
Scott MacDonald, MD
Eugenia Oviedo-Joekes, PhD
Sarin Blawatt, MA
Nick Bansback, PhD
Martin Schechter, MD, PhD
Sherif Amara, RN
David Byres, RN, PhD
Scott Harrison, RN, MA
Tianna Magel, BA”

Unanticipated Benzodiazepine Withdrawal in the Context of an Adulterated Unregulated Opioid Supply in Vancouver, BC: A Case Series.

Matthew K. Laing, MSW, MD
Valerie Giang, MD CCFP DRCPSC
Paxton Bach MD, MSc, FRCPC, FASAM
Nicole Cowan, RN

Exploring the Making and Re-making of Self and Social Worlds by Adolescents in Residential Substance Use Treatment: A Qualitative Study in Vancouver, Canada

Monique Sandhu, BSc
Madison Thulien, MPH
Danya Fast, PhD
Emily Jenkins, RN, PhD
Rossio Motta-Ochoa, PhD

The Loss of the Social: Mask Wearing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Cesar Ramirez, MA Sociology

Does Rewards for Sobriety Work for Youth? A Randomized Controlled Trial of Contingency Management with Adolescents

Shannon Jones, Ph.D, R.Psych
Dana Watts, MSc
Kristina Brache, PhD

Substance Use Among International Students from Punjab

Nitasha Puri MD CCFP(AM) FASAM
Gurkirat Singh Nijjar

Addiction Medicine Network: Supporting Physician Resilience

Tara Fitzgerald
Amanda Chapman

Comparison of 100mg vs 300mg Buprenorphine Extended-Release Injection in Maintenance Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder at a Low-Barrier Outpatient Clinic

David Deng, MD
Jessica Hann, MD
Paxton Bach, MD

Successful Management of GHB Withdrawal in Pregnancy: A Case Report

Dr. Megan Woolner, MD, CCFP, BCCSU Addiction Medicine Fellowship
Dr. Sarah Lea , MD MSc, CCFP, FISAM
Shannon Joyce, RN, MPH Candidate

Harm Reduction in Long-Term Care: A New Model of Care for PWUD

Kirsten Rea, RN, BScN
Amanda Leddy, MSc

The Predictive Value of Craving in Treatment Switching and Retention Under Buprenorphine/Naloxone or Methadone Models of Care for Prescription-Type Opioid Use Disorder

Gabriel Bastien
Omar Ledjiar
M. Eugenia Socias
Bernard Le Foll
Ron Lim
Didier Jutras-Aswad
Christina McAnulty

Feeling Safer: Effectiveness, Feasibility, and Acceptability of Continuous Pulse Oximetry for People who Smoke Opioids at Overdose Prevention Services in British Columbia, Canada

Jessica Moe, MD, MSc, MA, FRCPC
Jane Buxton, MBBS, MHSc, FRCPC
Tamara Chavez, BSW, MA

Feasibility of a Virtual Perioperative Smoking Cessation Program Utilizing Email Messages: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial

Tristen Nimojan, BSc
Jean Wong, MD, FRCPC
Frances Chung, MBBS, FRCPC
Sheila Riazi, MSc, MD, FRCPC
Kyle Kirkham, MD

Temporal, Sex and Age Trends in Concordance of Self-Reported Drug Use and Urine Drug Screens Amongst Patients Receiving Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder

Alannah McEvoy, MA, PhD
Myanca Rodrigues, MSc
Zena Samaan, MBChB, MSc, PhD, FRCPsych (UK)

A Three-Year Review of a Hospital-Based Opioid Stewardship Program

Dr. Seonaid Nolan, MD, FRCPC, DRCPSC
Arielle Beauchesne, PharmD
Hannah Crepeault, MSc
Tamara Mihic, PharmD
Felicia Yang, BScPharm, ACPR, PharmD
Michael Legal, BSc (Pharm), ACPR, PharmD, FCSHP
Stephen Shalansky, B.Sc. (Pharm), ACPR, Pharm.D., FCSHP
Lianping Ti, PhD

A Cross-Sectional Study to Identify Baseline Data and Referral Rates to Addiction Medicine Services in Patients Who Present with Substance Abuse

Emma Mineau, B.Sc, M.Sc
Zayya Zendo, MD Candidate
Nainika Venugopal, MD Candidate
Dr. Caroline Hamm, MD
Dr. Robert McKay, MD

Opioid-Related Health Harms and Palliative Care: A Population-based Cohort Study

Jenny Lau, MD, MSc

Case Series: New Alberta Service of Integrating Virtual Opioid Dependency Program with Court-Ordered Detoxification of Children with Opioid Disorder.

Hussain Aboud, MD, CCFP (AM)
Stryder Zobell, MD, CCFP, ISAM
Lindsey Davis

Characterizing Addiction Medicine Training in Canada: A Mixed Methods Study of Fellowship Program Directors

Kathryn Chan, MD
Clara Lu, MD
Leslie Martin, MD, MHPE
Nadia Fairbairn, MD, MHSc

Long-Term Recovery from Opioid Use Disorder: Recovery Subgroups, Transition States, and Their Association with Substance Use, Treatment, and Quality of Life

Allison Tegge, PhD
William Craft, PhD
Marco Ferreira, PhD
Anne Le Moigne
Angela DeVeaugh-Geiss, PhD
Warren Bickel, PhD

Addictions Medicine in Canadian Undergraduate Medical Education

Madison Henry, BSC
George V. Kachkovski, BA Hons
James MacKillop, PhD

Virtual Care for People with Opioid Use Disorder: A Review

Shawna Narayan, MSc
Ellie Gooderham, PhD (candidate)
Sarah Spencer, MPH, MSc
Lindsay Hedden PhD, MSc
Rita McCracken, MD, PhD

Craving Among Individuals with Stimulant Use Disorder in Residential Social Model-Based Treatment: Can Exercise Help?

Bilal Salem, MD

Whose Comfort? A Critical Discourse Analysis of Educational Materials Used to Teach About Buprenorphine Induction Pathway at Two Urban Emergency Departments

Mergim Binakaj, MD, CCFP
Haley Dupont, MSc
Nikki Bozinoff MD, MSc, CCFP(AM)
Csilla Kalocsai, MPhil, PhD

Micro Dosing in the OPTIMA Study: Comparing Methadone, Buprenorphine, and Micro Dosing of Buprenorphine on Study Drop Out and Self-Reported Drug Use

Darren Christensen, MD

Leveraging EMR Data and Province-Wide Administrative Health Data to Evaluate Opioid Agonist Treatment: Why Both Are Needed

Kristen A Morin, PhD, MPH

Models of care surrounding the use of telemedicine to provide medication for opioid use disorder.

Joseph Tay Wee Teck MB BCh BAO MSc
Dr. Jenna Butner MD, FASAM, AAHIVS, RYT
Alexander Baldacchino MD, MPhil, PhD, FISAM, FRCPsych, FRCP

Using Chaos Narratives to Improve Harm Reduction Care with Older People: a qualitative study of staff experience

Lara Nixon, MD CCFP (COE) FCFP

Older Albertans Experiencing Homeless and Addiction: A Systems and Policy Analysis

Lara Nixon, MD CCFP (COE) FCFP

Stimulating Conversations: Improving Gendered Treatment Responses to Methamphetamine Use

Lindsay Wolfson, MPH

Chronic Pain and Prescription Opioid Use: Women’s Experiences and Implications for Policy and Practice

Lindsay Wolfson, MPH

Using Clinical Notes to Drive Program and Innovation Evaluation

Lisa Graves MD CCFP (AM) FCFP MClSc.

Management of Substance Use Disorder in Physician Health Programs

Hilary Nolle, RN
Carol Faris, RN, Med

Patient satisfaction in a residential treatment centre for addiction: The relationship between mental distress, addiction symptoms, and perceptions of care

Lindsey Snaychuk, MA
Christina Basedow, PhD

Virtual Suboxone induction during the COVID-19 pandemic and eventual transition to Sublocade post liver transplant in a patient with chronic post-surgical pain and opioid use disorder

Leeping Tao, NP, MN
Dr. Katarina Kojic, MD
Dr. Carlos Yu, MD
Dr. Maxwell Slepian, PhD
Hance Clarke, MD, PhD

Occupational Health: The Continuum of Care in Addiction Recovery Return to Work Compliance Monitoring for Safety Sensitive Employees

Laura Westlake, BA Social Psychology
Mashiah Vaughn, BA

Impact of methamphetamine/amphetamine use on discontinuation of methadone and buprenorphine/naloxone among people with prescription-type opioid use disorder in Canada

Jenna Langlois, BSc
Nadia Fairbairn, MD, MHSc
Didier Jutras-Aswad, MD, MSc
Bernard Le Foll, MD, PhD
Ron Lim, MD, BSc
M. Eugenia Socías, MD, MSc

What promotes drug recovery success in rural Alberta? Insights from lived experiences

Mahala Swisterski, BHSc
Cheryl Currie, PhD

Prescribing opioid agonist treatment in primary care: Experiences of primary care providers in Nova Scotia

Lois Jackson, PhD
Alicia Grant-Singh, RN, MN-NP, MA

Addiction and crisis counseling resources: A qualitative study

Cailyn Green, Ph.D., CASAC-M

Stories of Lived Experience: Patient Perspectives on Providing Compassionate Care

Rajat Thapa, MD, PhD : Moderator
Aceel Hawa
Trevor Oleniuk, LLB, BSc
Dr. Wiplove Lamba

Navigating a Landscape of Challenges and Opportunities: CCSA’s Plans for Collaboration in a time of Polarization

Dr. Alexander Caudarella

New Findings on Virtual Harm Reduction Acceptability, Safety, and Efficacy

S. Monty Ghosh MD FRCPC
Dylan Viste, BHSc”

Perspectives of Healthcare Workers on the Integration of Virtual Overdose Monitoring Services in Acute and Primary Care Settings

William Rioux
Kyle Kilby, MD
S. Monty Ghosh, MD, MSc, MPH, FRCPC

VOICE-Q Rural – Virtual Overdose Intervention Canadian Evaluation – Qualitative Study of People Who Use Substances in Rural, Remote, or Indigenous Communities

Dylan Viste, BHSc
Marguerite Medwid, BN
S. Monty Ghosh MD FRCPC

An Examination on the Number of Prevented Drug Poisoning Events, Predictive Risk Factors for Adverse Events, Cost Effectiveness, and Utilization of Virtual Overdose Monitoring Services

S. Monty Ghosh, MD, FRCPC

Pharmacists in Addiction Medicine

Clinical Pharmacist Management of Opioid Use Disorder

Tifaine Magnusson, BSc Pharm, ACPR, APF

Pharmacist-Led Outreach Safer Supply Program to Improve Access to Care

Mikaela Klie, RPh, PharmD
Danny Lui

Tobacco Harm Reduction: Knowledge and Sentiment Among Canadian Pharmacists

Brian A. Carter, BSc.(Pharm), MBA

Medical Assistance in Dying and Substance Use Disorders: A Framework for Assessment


Safer Supply and Harm Reduction

Feeling Safer: Effectiveness, feasibility, and acceptability of continuous pulse oximetry for people who smoke opioids at overdose prevention services in British Columbia, Canada

Jessica Moe, MD, MSc, MA, FRCPC
Jane Buxton, MBBS, MHSc, FRCPC
Tamara Chavez, BSW, MA

Factors Influencing Canadian Public Attitudes Towards Safer Supply Programs

Adrienne Thornton, BSc
Caroline Brunelle
Amy MacQuarrie, BA

A Qualitative Study of Clients' Experiences on North America's First Take-Home Injectable Opioid Agonist Treatment Program

Scott MacDonald, MD
Murray Brown
Sophia Dobischok, BA, BSc
Eugenia Oviedo-Joekes, PhD
José Carvajal, MA

The Social Processes of Nurse-Client Therapeutic Relationships in Injectable Opioid Agonist Treatment Programs in Vancouver, B.C.

Sarin Blawatt, MA
David Byres, RN, DNP, MSN, CHE
Sherif Amara, RN
Scott MacDonald, MD
Martin T. Schechter, OBC, MD, PhD, FRSC, FCAHS
Wistaria Burdge, RN
Scott Harrison, RN(C)
Julie Foreman, RN
Eugenia Oviedo-Joekes, PhD

Clinicians' Perspectives and an Ethical Analysis of Current Safer Supply Opioid Prescribing (Preliminary results)

Kathleen Bird, MD CCFP
Sarah Ickowicz, MD, FRCPC, DRCPSC
Quentin Genuis, MD, MLitt (St.Andrews), BMSc

An Integrated Interdisciplinary Model of Opiate Agonist Treatment to Address Accessibility to Prescribed Safer Supply in a Rural Setting

Kate Hodgson
Ellery Cleveland
Mona Kwon
Nancy Chow

The Effect of Opioid Co-Prescription Through B.C.'s Risk Mitigation Guidance on Opioid Agonist Treatment Retention: A Population-Based Observational Study

Jeong Eun Min, MSc
Brenda Carolina Guerra-Alejos, MD, MPH
Ruyu Yan, BA
Heather Palis, MSc, PhD
Brittany Barker, PhD
Bernadette Pauly, RN, Ph.D

Changes in Compliance to Clinical Dosing Guidelines During a Public Health Emergency on Illicit Drug Overdoes Death in British Columbia, Canada

Brenda Carolina Guerra-Alejos, MD, MPH(c)
Megan Kurz, MSc
Louise Meilleur, MA, MPH
Nishan Mudalige, PhD
Youwei Yan, MSc
Bohdan Nosyk, PhD

Surviving Addiction: Series Premiere

Surviving Addiction is an interview series that explores the experiences of real people who have been impacted by addiction, from healthcare professionals and family members to people who are living with a substance use disorder. In this unique series, funded in part by a grant from CSAM-SMCA, series creator Chris Cull reveals the humanity of those who have been touched by addiction, and shares the profound lessons they have learned through their experiences.

Hosted in the Lecture Theatre of the Victoria Convention Centre at 7:00 p.m. on Thurs., Oct. 19, creator Chris Cull will present his new interview series, followed by a screening of one episode.