About the Conference

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The CSAM-SMCA 2021 Scientific Conference is Canada’s premier online education and networking event for addiction medicine practitioners.

This three-day virtual conference offers unrivalled access to relevant, curated, industry-leading addiction medicine education including scientific research, best practices, and evidence-based intervention, care and treatments.

An important professional networking event for addiction medicine practitioners, the conference also aims to encourage the sharing of diverse perspectives on addiction treatment and recovery. Attendees build authentic relationships that support them in their efforts to work with and advocate for people living with addictive disorders.

About the Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine

The Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine is a national society of medical professionals and scientists committed to helping people understand and recover from addictive disorders.

We work to educate health professionals, government leaders, and the public about the prevention, assessment, and treatment of addictive disorders in our communities. CSAM-SMCA is also involved in the process of establishing guidelines and standards and is currently developing a repository for member and public access.

CSAM-SMCA members form a strong, diverse community of professionals who support and care for the people in our communities who have addictive disorders.