Presenter Information

Digital Poster Presentation

A digital poster is a short, on demand presentation about your work. You will prepare a maximum 5-minute presentation with no more than 12 slides. The first slide must include the title of your presentation, all co-authors, and affiliations. In compliance with Continuing Medical Education regulations and standards, authors must include a conflict-of-interest disclosure on the second slide of their presentation. You are encouraged to rehearse your presentation before recording it. Record your presentation using PowerPoint, Zoom or another preferred app. The video file you submit will be uploaded to YouTube. Please use the MP4 file format for the best quality video.

If you would prefer to upload a static graphics and text-only “poster” please convert it to PDF file before sending it.

Once you’ve saved your video or PDF file on your computer, you can submit by uploading your video presentation onto our google drive using this link:

The deadline for submitting your Pre-Recorded Presentation is October 1st, 2023, 24:00 hrs PST.