TED-Style Talk

TED-Style Talk

Our session on TED-Style Talks is scheduled for Saturday, October 21, 8:30 – 10:00am. This is your opportunity to present a great, well-formed idea in 15 minutes, followed by five minutes of questions. Please note the time carefully! TED-Style talks are focused on the power of ideas to change lives and, ultimately, the world. These talks are generally delivered without notes, although we will allow presenters to have some basic outline notes on cards or a computer during their presentation. These are NOT spontaneous presentations, they are scripted and carefully rehearsed! PowerPoint slides are limited to only essential illustrations, traditional slides that summarize content are not allowed. TED-Style talks focus on you and your presentation–the slides only complement your ideas; they do not repeat your words.

Some points to remember:

· TED-Style talks are personal. The only reason to give a TED talk is that you feel passionately about something, and your sense of purpose creates an energy boost for both you and your audience.

· TED talks often take us on a journey. As the speaker shares their transition from ignorance to understanding of some important truth, we follow along in their footsteps.

· TED talks are concise. With only 15 minutes, speakers need to cut out any extraneous ideas so that every word counts.

Please bring your digital presentation to the Lecture Hall on Friday, so that the technician can load it before Saturday morning. (the morning schedule is very tight, and we do not want to lose time due to technical problems). If you have any questions as you prepare your presentation, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Jenn Brasch, at .

A technician will be available to help load your presentation and assist with any other technical support you may need. Each room is equipped with a mic, laptop and screen. We will be recording the TED-Style talks for on demand viewing within the conference app after the conclusion of the conference.