The presenters in a symposium are encouraged to coordinate their presentations to maximize information presented and minimize overlap or gaps between presentations. The presenters for a symposium can determine the length of each presentation within the symposium to best use the allotted time. Please check the schedule carefully for the time allocated to the symposium—60, 75 or 90 minutes. The lead author or delegate is expected to moderate the symposium. Please remember that each symposium must allocate 25 percent of the session time to questions and answers, as required in CME guidelines.

The first slide must include the title of your presentation, all co-authors, and affiliations. In compliance with Continuing Medical Education regulations and standards, authors must include a conflict-of-interest disclosure on the second slide of their presentation.

Please bring your digital presentation (Windows-compatible) on a memory stick or allow time to access an online account to download it well to your assigned room well in advance of your session. If you have printed materials you would like to distribute, please bring copies with you, as we are unable to print materials for presenters. Presenters can upload files related to their presentation to their profile within the conference app for conference attendees to access during and after the conference. Some symposia will be recorded for on demand viewing within the conference app after the conference concludes.

A technician will be available to help load your presentation and assist with any other technical support you may need. Each room is equipped with a mic, laptop and screen.

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