Presenter Information

In-Person Poster Presentation

Prepare a visual summary of the work described in your abstract. This will be mounted on a bulletin board for the duration of the conference. Our poster session is Thursday, October 19th, from 12:30-2:00 pm. An author of the poster is expected to attend the poster session to present and share their work with conference attendees. These will be informal discussions. The poster can be organized as preferred, but we suggest using the headings of Introduction, Methods, Results and Conclusions, although other formats are acceptable.

It is necessary to have a statement regarding any conflicts of interest, and important to include references. If poster authors wish to provide any handouts to conference attendees, these must be brought to the conference by the authors as we are unable to provide printing services.

Bulletin board size for each poster will be approximately 8’ long x 4’ feet high and mounting materials will be provided. We recommend you build your poster to fit 4’x4′. 

Authors can setup their posters starting Thursday morning at 8:00am PST. Room assignment TBD.

Posters for projects led by trainees will be considered for the Best Poster by a Trainee Award. Judging will take place during the poster session.